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Published on March 25th, 2013 | by Tom Mills


FIFA 14 – Blue Square Premier League

It seems that rumors of the Blue Square Premier Leagues inclusion in FIFA 14 could well be true.

Nothing official on it from EA as yet, however a tweet from Alan Alger, the Blue Sq bet PR manager seems to confirm it.

blue sq 2

So unless there are any late licensing dramas, I guess we can assume they’re in. I’m sure people will complain that other countries should have more leagues added before the English fifth tier is added, which is true, however it’ll be good to be able to start at the bottom and work all the way through. I’ll certainly be pretty pleased to be able to start a CM with Woking…

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  • Again, a useless English League, what about better and bigger legaues like the Turkish Süper Lig with Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas or the Ukrainian League with Shaktar Donetzk ??? If EA won’t add these leagues in Fifa14, they should be prepared of bad critiques of the community !!! I’m waiting 2 years to play with my favorite club Fenerbahce ♥ !!!!!!

    • first bigger leagues cost alot more to licence and its more fun especially when you’ve got a local team

    • martin

      you do know the conference is better than a lot of countries second tier :L

    • fuck fenerbache ive been waiting years for this moment that the confrence is in the game yes yes yes

      • blasphemy!

      • Ikke


      • BILLY G


    • Ikke

      Support you bro…They have enough money to take the licence of Turkish league back…

      • add me on PS3: xJiXsaw would be great to play a derby 🙂

      • Hammer101

        They couldn’t get the licence for the Nou Camp this year

    • STOCH !!!

      • You know what I’m talking about 😀

    • Dean Evans

      Blue Square is better quality than that dross up north they call Scottish Football, complain about that being in there every year It’s about time the Blue Square was shown some love. I agree with you on Shakhtar, as for the Turkish League haven’t half of the Clubs been done for match-fixing ? There’s your reason…

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  • Tommen

    OH YEAH!

  • but league 2 already sucks in FIFA 13 so why would you go even lower?

    • because its for career mode really twat

      • oh yeah i really want to play with a league with teams with 45-50 overall ratings.. get real, and dont call me twat. i aint british

        • ill call you what i like mate

        • Then go play online, or UT. The point of having the fifth tier of English football is not to have 5-star players with 70+ OVR’s… it’s about taking a club and making it successful, which is all the more fun than moving Ronaldo to Barcelona or whatever else you idiots do in CM.

          • well i mean its fun, but isnt league 2 deep enough? why not incorporate other leagues in other countries.. like turkey or czech republic? and no i play with the MLS in CM cause im in the US

          • Explains why you know nothing about football then…

          • haha… made my day ….. York city!!

        • Consider the fact that British people will be happy that they can play with their local teams. For example, I will be happy to be able to play with Halifax, my local team.

    • DanTheManzzzz

      Man. u don’t have to play with teams in the blue square bet premier?

  • i hope this is true id love to do a career with hereford again

  • Connor Phillips

    Please Please Please Be Right I Have Always Said FIFA Should Put The Blue Square Bet Premier League In FIFA So Hope The Rumour Is True

  • martin

    YES i can get Macclesfield town to the prem again 🙂 play people as macc when their barcelona lol


  • Noel All

    If it was in, then this Alger character would know rather than acting surprised “I’ve just seen”. Plus EA do reveals not random bangers.

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  • Crofty

    Cant wait to See Hyde FC immortalised I will buy it myself and I’ve never played any games

  • Pete

    For people complaining, go on Creation Centre and look at the most downloaded leagues. BSP is in the top 2 or 3 and will cost next to nothing for them to license. Plus, there may be other foreign leagues added just yet don’t worry.

    • liam

      and the north and south as a dover athletic fan i would by fifa 14 then

  • limwii

    They should of added the Scottish leagues, if they were going to add UK leagues this year.

    I’m delighted that the conference might be added though 😀

  • Kapado

    I know why they did it ,but I would also like to see a second divisions to all the leagues in the game also. I want to bring a segunda liga team, all the way to the top of the Portuguese league too.

  • Imp_88

    Finally I can beat Madrid/United/Barca noobs with the mighty Lincoln City! It’s been painful not having them on the game since we got relegated…maybe they will switch to 7 star ratings for teams as well?

  • Ikke

    I Think that EA is trying People’s patience all over Europe…They are already too late with Ukranian League and it was a big mistake that they have put Turkish league out of FIFA in 12 …So Turkish and Ukranian Leagues or nothing more than FIFA 13!!!

  • Blue squadre Premier League is interesting but there are still a lot of important national championships out from FIFA.
    What about argentinian league?
    And ukranian or turkish ones?

    And why not back the czech Gambrinus Liga?

    Before adding more and more english licenses, i think EA SPORTS should add other new ones and complete the championships we have still: Brasilerao A fully licensed, italian serie B fully licensed, polish liga fully licensed, portuguese liga fully licensed, etc.

  • Nathan Richards

    Come on Kidderminster

  • DanTheManzzzz

    To be honest the Turkish League has already been on fifa so it is time for something new to come in.

  • Ikke

    Turkish League (STSL) .Yes! There are lots of people awaiting for that. And i feel that we all waited already enough. I don’t know what the problem between EA and licence owners but, they should solve this problem. I don’t want one more disappointing about this subject… Even if they don’t have enough money to buy the licence, (!) they should add some more Turkish teams in rest of world section and rest of world league in carrier mode…But as i already said it was already a mistake that yhey have taken STSL out of FIFA…Please EA! Please do the right for this time…

  • turkish league, ukraine, chinese, argentine, japanese, south african. we need more leagues, more countries (all of them) to give the fifa community the real virtual experience =) include rankings so you can see how the country your managing is in the world rankings

  • DZ


    • Dean Evans

      There’s too many International Teams that ain’t getting onto FIFA every year, Algeria being one. I don’t understand the logic in leaving out the likes of Nigeria, Japan, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, etc… All pretty decent outfits, yet they can add India onto FIFA 13… Really now.. ????

  • Keidah Bullard

    Yes we have finally got it. Youth players from NEWCASTLE that have huge potential that have been
    Loaned to Gateshead will finally be available.
    Needs MORE leagues, inc…
    The amazing Qatar league.
    They have f*king Nilmar, Djibril Cissè and Harry Kewell.
    Also, we need more international teams like Ghana, Nigeria…
    And maybe even U21 international teams.
    And the REAL youth squads.

  • The conference is exciting not one team runs away with it

  • Now, if they can only add Scottish Div 1,2,3 and what the heck throw in the Highland league too!

    • MAtt81

      I’d love the highland league. I’d take Keith to champions league glory!

  • Screw you Aykut, I wanna play FIFA with Halifax!

    • Ian Shaw

      COME ON SHAYMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • buggy

      fuck you and your pathetic tiny league, noone gives SHIT about your halifax and their pathetic players.

  • Anas Rahman

    Bangladesh national team!!!!!
    only joking (not really :/)
    yes I’ve been waiting for confernce since I first played fifa. I’ll take Wrexham to the Champions League!! :3 But they do need to add more other leagues as well. Like Ukrainian (Shakhtar Donetsk and Metalist Kharkiv), Turkish (Galatasaray and Fenerbahce), Chinese (Shanghai Shenhua), Hong Kong (Kitchee), Iranian (Persepolis), Argentinian (Velez Sarsfield, Boca Juniors, River Plate) and Czech (Viktoria Plzen).

  • ryan smith

    Football is an English game, why shouldn’t we have the final say on what Football leagues are added to a Football game?

    • buggy

      because while EA investing shit loads of money on this game, you just sit in your room grab your dick and cry to your mama for bring your milk, you retard

  • Finnbarr Hennessy

    Get Ukranian League !

  • steveo

    JUST PUT The Ukrainian league in or even metalist shakhtar and dynamo!

  • liam

    can you put the blue square south and north in please

  • Marios Vrontis

    Cypriot temas APOEL and Omonoia insert play with greek teams Olympiakos PAOK panathinaikos and Asteras Tripolis

  • Harvey Edwards

    I would to see the Turkish league back after the dropped it in FIFA12, but the Conferance Premier would be brilliant also, doing a career would be a real challenge. I do think they need to add more leagues into it. I’ve been calling for the Ukrainian league for years! Other big leagues like Argentina and Greece should also be in. I would also like to see a Rest of Europe section for clubs like BATE Borisov. I think more national teams should be included too! Japan, Jamacia, Ghana, Nigeria, Wales, Canada, Panama, Honduras, China etc.

  • Tom Eaton

    Would love this to be true but lots of faults with fifa for example under game mode tournaments there is no World Cup I think fifa are missing out on some fantastic leagues Ukrainian,Wales,northern Ireland,turkey,Qatar,Greek and much more I do also think u21 international teams would be good to manage in career mode and the fa cup would be great with non-league to see the likes of Halifax town travel to Man United and a lot of shocks just like in real football and real youth squads would be good too I would like to be able to arrange our own friendlies at the beginning of each season and for every premier league and champions league team to have there real stadium it would be nice to scout through real youth squads and find the hidden gems of the future so I think the conference would vastly improve career mode

  • algeriemonamourdesuisse

    go algeria team from france !!!

  • Michael Nicholson

    Not happy that it’s not was so wanting to be my home town of halifax town don’t really care for top flight football now a days to much money and there all baby what happened to playing football for the love of the game

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