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Published on April 6th, 2013 | by Tom Mills


FIFA 14 – Surprise For Latin America?

Could the Chilean and Latin American market be in for a treat?

Yes. According to Daniel Gonzalez who’s the director of marketing and PR for EA Latin America. Speaking recently during the launch for Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, he was quoted as not only as saying that FIFA 14 would launch on Thursday the 26th of September in Latin America but also that there will be some interesting surprises for the Chilean and Latin American market.

The launch date is completely plausible, and would indicate probably the 27th for the UK and 24th for the US, but the interesting part is what the surprise might be. Most likely it would be the inclusion of the Chilean or Argentinian Primera Divisións, or perhaps it was in reference to the recent Brazilian license news.

That’s all guesswork at the moment though, nothing concrete.

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  • tavano

    FANTASTIC NEWS…FINALLY Latin America leagues in FIFA….GO EA, chilean league, second division brasilian , and argentine league.

    • PANCHOTE21

      hold your horses. those are just rumors…

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  • tavo

    To me having Fernando Palomo and Mario Kempes was enough of a surprise with FIFA 13, much much better than the annoying Mexican commentators. I hope we get them again with FIFA 14. Also, it would be nice to have more countries from the region, especially Central America (I’m from Costa Rica), not the leagues but at least the national teams,

    • jose zavala

      TAVO SHUT UP ANNOYING COSTARICAN. Mexicans own your country its a sorry As team.

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  • veazy

    Most likely more Latin American leagues and maybe even a fictional Latin American championship since PES has the CL licenses.

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  • David Monzon

    Good news. My guess is more is better as far as leagues go. But I would like to see more eastern Asian leagues. Add the Japanese league and a few African leagues. More variety.

  • jose zavala

    TAVO SHUT UP ANNOYING COSTARICAN. Mexicans own your country its a sorry As team.

    • kaiden

      And Argentina owns Mexico son!

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  • Demba Ba

    Argentina’s league deserves to be in the game. Argentina is one of the best footballing nations in the world. Absurd their league isn’t in the game.

  • Brian

    why do we need more african teams we need more central american teams COSTA RICA perhaps!

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