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Published on February 6th, 2013 | by David Bryant


FIFA 14 Wish List

It’s only been a few months since the release of FIFA 13 but for EA (and us) getting early feedback on the next game is absolutely essential, which is why we’ve pulled together our Top 10 Wish List for FIFA 14.

The detail here is deliberately light, but if you wish to add more depth, more areas for improvement, or if you think the order is wrong? Hit the comments and help shape the next FIFA game, long before we hear the first official news about it.

1) Locomotion Physics

The last FIFA game to actually express an open interest in player biomechanics was FIFA 08, and it’s no surprise that it remains among the most loved games of this generation even if nostalgia helps to obscure a young FIFA engine’s early flaws. It’s clearly something on the agenda for EA as a whole though because Battlefield 3 and NHL 13 were both exuberant in bringing the realism of movement to forefront of their game design. With the latter’s “True Performance Skating” system perhaps the model for FIFA 14 to follow this year, as physics that govern sudden directional changes have always been an area of weakness when it comes to boot-to-turf behaviour in FIFA.

Another theory regularly dissected by the community is that FIFA 13’s transitions and turns are simply animated too quickly and that even a slowing visually of the way these movements are portrayed could solve the issue on its own? In reality this would only paper over the cracks, which is why it would be great for EA to take the locomotion problem and build a fully fledged feature around it to revolutionise the way players move and interact for those virtual 90 minutes.

2) Defensive AI

With FIFA 13, EA brought in a raft of much needed and mostly successful changes to improve FIFA’s attacking AI. The equally important area of defensive AI, however remained as neglected as ever, and now it sticks out like a sore thumb. FIFA 13’s defensive AI is reliably unreliable, and far too often the reason for an unavoidable goal. From the marking being far too loose, to the midfield seeming to have little interest in helping out, and the defenders too prone to suicidal decisions. Most importantly, it never really feels like they work as a team, nor that they work well with what you, the player is doing. FIFA 14 will be the eighth FIFA game since the ‘next-gen’ reboot, please can it also be the first to prioritise defensive AI.

Contain has been somewhat hit and miss too, with the tethered approach to jockeying in truth only masking locomotion deficiencies temporarily. Legacy defending was brutally simple, but if EA could perhaps add the timing element to tackles and build a more robust jockey mechanic, maybe a step backwards could be the best way forwards for defending and Contain in FIFA 14.

3) Team Management & Tactics

FIFA has endured the same Team Management system for as long as I can remember and if you go back even as far as FIFA 07 things are alarmingly similar compared to today’s game. It’s odd too, because FIFA in general since 07 has been on an incredible journey of innovation with almost no feature exempt from the wave of change. The fact that it’s visually bland and horrendous to use aren’t even the biggest Team Management issues either. It’s the stifling of managerial and tactical decision making which suffer the most at the hands of the existing system and a long overdue change quite simply has to come in FIFA 14.

Custom Tactics are of course very closely linked to this too but it’s effects could help to resolve one of FIFA’s other age old problems, the lack of variation in CPU team styles. For Career Mode especially it’s a huge problem and one which (regardless of what the CM team do) hampers the experience incredibly, especially when you head in to multi-season territory. FIFA 13’s AI plays one way and one way only, and after the volume of matches the average gamer gets through, it’s patterns, foibles and tendency to “cheat” its own systems are frustrations which too regularly bubble over.

This is where a revamp of Custom Tactics could help. When the system was originally brought in it was received enthusiastically by the community who thought they finally had an outlet to tailor differing team styles. Sadly some persistent bugs, limited options and no way to modify settings globally left quite a big void behind that early promise. Then, Gameplay Sliders came in which were again celebrated but largely delivered on their promise. What EA need to do is expand the individual team tactics options ensuring they have a genuine impact on the way teams play, and ideally bring everything (including sliders) under one Custom Tactics 2.0 roof where we can tinker until our hearts content. Perhaps a mechanism to import settings from other users or the ability to edit settings on a PC and then “push” them to consoles could be added too?

4) Player Individuality

Another one of FIFA’s age old problems not helped by the sheer volume of players the game accommodates. When your rating system is from 1-100 (0-30 is rarely used at all) and you have over 15,000 players to distinguish it’s obviously very likely that some players will share similar stats, so this isn’t an easy problem to resolve. But I still think EA can do more with stat distribution to try and make more players standout as individuals. For me player stats need to have more peaks and troughs, with good and bad attributes every so slightly extenuated from reality to make sure these abilities stand out when you pick up the pad.

The trait system could be better used too, especially through the lower leagues where the chances of even seeing a trait at all are slim. As always for EA it’s about scaling things properly and just because a player may only ever be a good Championship level striker, it doesn’t mean they can’t have powerful traits because if done correctly their deficiencies should even this out. Individuality is visual too of course and where PES 2013’s Player ID system excelled, FIFA’s two year old attempt “Personality Plus” looked sadly, even worse for wear.

5) Stability

This one is easy. Whether you play Career Mode, FUT, Seasons, Clubs or you’ve ever connected to EASFC you’ll know that FIFA 13 has once again been plagued with niggling bugs which in the case of FUT actually resulted in an unacceptable service outage. I’m sure EA have an SLA for server up-time, and if they do maybe they should share it with us in the name of transparency? I can’t tell EA how to fix  these problems because I’m not one of their software engineers, but among the incredibly talented tech guys at EAC they simply have to come up with some solid solutions to these problems and fast, or risk causing potentially irreparable damage to their loyal community.

6) Assisted Passing

Making sure that the foundations a game is built on are solid, is key for any franchise but especially for sports simulation which aims by definition to mimic the real world equivalent. Which is why change to FIFA’s default passing setting must come under closer scrutiny for FIFA 14.

FIFA has a lot of options when it comes to pass assistance for all its pass types but they all have to be set explicitly by the user. That’s fine for those who are aware or those who want a more pure experience but against FIFA’s mass audience it can be a gameplay killer if you choose to defy the norm. I have no problem with Assisted Passing as an idea, none what so ever and of course FIFA has to be accessible to everyone but that doesn’t mean Assisted has to be as devoid from user input as it currently is.

As a first step moving the pass assistance somewhere between Semi and Assisted would be a good starting point because even a little more freedom in the system could change so much, maybe even improving FIFA for everyone that plays it? It’s a ballsy setting to change given FIFA’s recent commercial success but I honestly think EA underestimate peoples ability to adapt and I’d love a bold new future for FIFA’s default pass settings to become reality this year.

7) FUT Security

FUT has been exploited before, that in itself isn’t a new thing but with increasing social media coverage this year’s problems have been perhaps the most high profile to date, with even Peter Moore jumping in to address concerns. It’s not EA’s fault that idiots look to go outside of the games systems to farm coins for selling, or to simply disrupt the community but EA’s security systems can always be more robust. The balance of course is making FUT robust, without making it unnecessarily frustrating to access.

What I’d love to see EA implement is the “Security Key” system from Star Wars: The Old Republic which forces you to use a random code every time you log in. Anyone who uses an RSA token or any VPN infrastructure in their place of work I’m sure will be familiar with the practice. It’s less intrusive than you might think too because SWTOR had an app you could download for iOS or Android and you could purchase a physical token for a nominal fee too. It shouldn’t be made to be mandatory necessarily but EA should certainly push it and for anyone that’s ever lost players, coins or entire accounts to phishing I’m sure this extra safe guard would be welcomed with open arms.

8) Career Mode User Interface

Career Mode has made some quite incredible leaps since the disaster that was FIFA 10’s Manager Mode and under new stewardship that progress shows no sign of abating. But whilst my faith in EA to deliver core fundamentals and new features is high, my main worry is that Career Mode won’t advance visually. The current format is three years old now and whilst its always received a yearly coat of paint it’s starting to feel a bit tired now. FUT received a quite remarkable redesign for FIFA 13 and change on a similar level is probably what’s required for Career Mode in FIFA 14.

The usability needs work too, which will hopefully come in part with any new Team Management system but also in terms of general navigation. The layout of the Player Search screen has been a gripe of mine for years, as is the void in quality between older menus and the new ones like the Squad Report which actually feels rather out of place because of its ease of use. I really hope EA ditch the stock images which accompany news stories too because once you’ve seen them more than twice, or you see a generic one at all the illusion they try to portray is shattered. Career Mode looks at its best when EA create custom images by combining player faces with club crests to accompany transfer rumours and more ingenuity like that, is exactly what’s needed. I wonder how far away we are from a system which uses actual screenshots and highlights from the match you’ve just played to accompany the headlines it generated?

9) Aerial Challenges

This one might seem like a fairly small detail in the grand scheme of things, but just how many times have you fallen foul of FIFA 13’s aerial challenge lottery this last few months? A cross comes in, your towering center back is in a great position and yet some how the minuscule striker manages to leap across him powering home a header past a helpless goalkeeper. It’s actually an old technical problem which stems from the engines inability to get multiple players competing for the same aerial ball, so instead FIFA takes the two nearest players and rolls the dice.

The number of variables though that combine for aerial challenges are crazy when you think about them, the ball speed, ball trajectory, player positioning, are they standing still, are they on the move, what are their heading stats. It’s a technical minefield, but the way the game currently sorts this problem out is so simplistic that irrespective of these diverse variables, the outcome always feels too random. My hope is that recent advances in the Player Impact Engine will contribute towards sorting this out long term because something far more elegant than a 50\50 decision is needed. The volume of “freak” goals that come from aerial challenges are certainly enough to warrant the extra effort in my opinion.

10) Clubs Customisation

At times my favourite FIFA game mode is Clubs, and at other times it’s my most hated. I’m sure that’s a theme shared by a lot of people because as soon as you invite 20+ afro sporting imbeciles to join your experience, there’s bound to be trouble. However, if you can find yourself a settled club of friends and you join one of the many excellent community sites (FVPA) then you can have arguably the most authentic FIFA experience to be found. Much of Clubs success hinges on improvements to gameplay of course but there’s one area which has been sorely neglected since the modes radical beginnings – customisation.

What’s missing is identity, a sense that your club is unique and not one of the many Real Madrid kit wearing masses. The club names might be unique, the players too but without that visual stamp of “this is ours” I think Clubs popularity is set to remain exactly where it is, a hardcore pursuit of a few rather than “the” mode to own FIFA for. FIFA has plenty of player customisation options (some more appropriate than others) but a custom badge and kit editor really should be a bare minimum for Clubs in FIFA 14. What we could end up with of course is a wave of swastika sporting male genitalia, or alternatively we could have an exciting, vibrant and innovative Clubs scene, which is potentially the envy of every other game mode.

Hit the comments with your thoughts and your own wishes for FIFA 14.

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Is the Senior Editor of FIFAInsider.com and a devout Manchester United fan. Likes Career Mode, constructive criticism, Jack Daniels and Robin Van Persie. Dislikes assisted passing, conspiracy theories and people who don't like Robin Van Persie.

  • Dougie Anderson

    1, 2 and 9 are very important to me. But im crying out for 10 finally your own kit and badge, the clubs diehards will spend days on their kits and badges

    • Dave_FIFAInsider

      Clubs customisation HAS to come for FIFA 14 it just has to. EA have been talking about it for years now, time to deliver.

  • Something else that could be improved related to #10 is when creating your Pro, he should be able to start off, say, reasonably pacy *and* tall – attributes like these shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

    Perhaps there should also be something more grandiose for Clubs than playing the occasional generic cup competition; maybe model it on Ultimate Team’s rotating competitions and have different in-game ‘prizes’ (e.g. FCC) depending on how your club performs.

    There should also be a lobby for Clubs much like the practice arena on single-player and before matches to work on certain moves and set pieces. I know practice matches arguably perform the same function but you are then limited to playing the entire match against 11 opponents, which might not be the best way straight off to familiarise yourself with your team-mates.

    I’m hoping for more than the 10 points suggested above for FIFA 14 – something that will justify it being on the next generation of consoles and high-end PCs. Something that couldn’t be done on the current ones beyond improving the graphics.

    • Dave_FIFAInsider

      From memory EA tied height/weight to pace due to issues in FIFA 10 where people has 6″6 beast players who were so strong yet so quick, which meant everyone on the competitive scene adopted a player in that mold. It just became a mess.

      Not our/your fault obviously, EA need to balance things better.

      • Toby Ross

        I’m not sure the game ever allowed really fast and really tall to be honest, it’s always tied the physical attributes very heavily with the physical stats. Ultimately, if tall + fast was allowed, then that player would have to sacrifice stats somewhere else.

        One way around this would be to change how the stats are allocated entirely to one where you bought attribute points using experience. The more advantageous your physical attributes are, the less points you’d start with perhaps.

        That would allow a greater variety of players for sure, but it would be even more difficult to balance probably, and it’s not like it’s really well balanced at the moment.

  • Memoman

    The interface as a whole is a mess. It takes like 7 pushes of a button to get to the main screen. and like 3 more to load a gamemode. “Would you like to load this gamemode?” “Cancel – Yes” “You will lose all the progress you have made on the freaking main menu, are you sure?” “No – Yes” …. damn…

    I mean, how is create a new profile the default option over using the profile you have? How frequently do you create new profiles? You’d think you’d use more your profile than creating new ones every time you access the game, right?

    • Many many UI issues. A gripe of mine is having a main menu design that screams out for lb/rb or lt/rt navigation but doesn’t support it, even though UT does!

  • Jon

    I actually would argue that while the Transfer system has improved two-fold in recent years, particularly with the additions made in FIFA 13, there is still much that could be done to make the whole process of signing a player more authentic. In particular I feel, it is far to easy to sign a player, providing you have the money despite it being a tricky, and often long process in reality. Linked with this is the suggestion that the transfer window, particular January, should advance at a much slower rate, to give you enough time to proceed with the ever important negotiation process – a feature which I think would be massively welcomed when it comes to Deadline Day. At present, it passes on a hourly basis, I think it would be good if you could chose the amount to advance by, and that the responses from players/clubs was more rapid.

    I would also argue that the Loan system is perhaps the weakest aspect of career mode, and I would personally rather this be sorted that some UI changes if I’m honest. It is incredibly difficult to loan youth players, with no clear instructions from EA as to what factors affect the number of loan offers you receive for a player. My final few requests surround the ability to add certain clauses to deals, such as a ‘Buy-back clause’ – something which is popular with Barca youth players in real-life.

    I really, really want to be able to see how my players are performing (and more important how frequently) when loaning them abroad. At present, unless they are loaned to the same country you get no feedback as to whether they are playing – something which is vitally important when deciding whether to call them back, afraid that time is wasted in their development.
    Oh, and perhaps a youth/reserve league with the ability to appoint or in some cases poach staff to manage aspects of your club. Career mode still feels as though the emphasis is on playing games over and over, rather than being the manager of a prestigious club. In previous FIFA’s you could expand your stadium – this tried to make it essential to ‘balance the books’ to so speak.

    • Dave_FIFAInsider

      Really good points made there mate, I’ll try my hardest to get the Career Mode guys to look in on this thread via Twitter tonight.

  • Matt

    Allow players to watch Seasons, Friendlies, Clubs and/or Lobby matches. When two of your mates go head-to-head, why can a third or fourth player not spectate? Assuming it doesn’t cause any additional lag, and that the spectator(s) cannot interfere in any way with the game play, EA should allow a spectator mode where third parties can view a game in progress. If they want to go further, they could allow the players to decide whether A) to allow spectating only by PSN friends of both players and B) these spectators can comment on the match using headsets. I think the latter could either be good fun or a complete mess, but to be able to watch a friend in Texas play a friend in London in a key match in your FIFA league would be epic. This would also provide players waiting to join a club match with something to do while the match is ongoing, instead of sitting in the Clubs lobby, waiting for the match to end.

  • ilFalco

    I totally agree with all the points you suggested, but I’d like to give some ideas I was thinking about time ago with my friends (sorry for my English, I’m Italian):

    1) The gameplay, especially with Assisted controls, is too based on pace (and physical attributes in general). Let’s make an example: have you ever played with Ibarbo (Cagliari, Serie A)? He’s very fast and also quite strong, he’s an absolute beast, unstoppable. But Totti, or Del Piero, or Pirlo, or Xavi, who are four of the best players in the world under the point of view of shots, passing, crossing, vision, ball control and so on, as they’re not fast or particularly strong at all, they are frequently stopped, they lose the ball frequently, and they cannot express their skills like they do in real life. So Ibarbo because of his high pace attributes, appears to be better and more efficient than real life top players as Pirlo, Totti, Xavi and so on. I think that a good simulation game may not include this kind of incoherent features.

    2) Assisted controls are “too assisted”. I’d like to feel a little bit of challenge when I play.

    3) The counterattacks are too frequent. Sometimes it feels like all the match is about counterattacking, too fast; sometimes I feel like all that matters is passing the ball trough the defense with Y (On Xbox) to the striker who runs towards the goal and scores without any defender anywhere near.

    4) I agree with Jon, especially when he said that “Career mode still feels as though the emphasis is on playing games over and over, rather than being the manager of a prestigious club.”. After the first two seasons it become repetitive, the player doesn’t have incentives for playing anymore. Another point I want to focus on is the growing system. In FIFA13 young players grows too fast in my opinion: Ibarbo has grown up from 75 to 80 in three months of Career. It’s absurd.

    • Pallett

      It’s true there are ‘glitch players’, one that springs to mind is Julian Dudda, he grows from 58 overall to 84 in about three seasons, other than that I agree entirely, young players are over rated, having a 17 year old with 76 overall (Like Raheem Sterling) means he can be the world’s best rated player by 20 years old through insane growth

  • Supermann1

    1) should be better servers. Why you ask?

    In FIFA you dont meet players with the best ping (latency measures in milliseconds, that is the delay), you meet players with a team that is from the same nation or league as yours (not always, but that is what EA try to do). This causes massive lags and delay in gameplay for most of the users, and the worst-guy-out here is Pro Clubs.

    In Battlefield 3 you can play 64(!) players on one server, where as you in FIFA struggles when there is more than 1v1.

    SHAPE UP EA, this is not acceptable andif the servers is equally lame in FIFA 14 im gonna dig a hole in the ground and cry.

    2) should be faster menues. EA choose to have fancy menues over fast and easy menues, which irritates me. But with PS4 on the way maybe the menues will be abit faster. hopefully.

    3) Defensive AI and keeper AI, say no more.

    • Dave_FIFAInsider

      When you play FIFA 1v1 you aren’t on a server it’s a 1 to 1 connection with your oponent. All EA do is match you together and obviously certain things monitor the progress of the match but you aren’t on a server in the same way you are if you play Clubs for example.

      That’s why much of the problems in 1v1 could be down to individual connection issues.

      • Supermann1

        I am aware of that. The BF3 comparison was maybe a little off topic, but lots of CoD games uses P2P for online multiplayer, and that is not nearly as bad as FIFA.

        • Dave_FIFAInsider

          Have to agree on that I have zero disconnect issues with any other online game tbh. The recent patch announcement may help with some of that.

          • fucking hope so. been playing a lot of clubs this week for a video, it’s so hit and miss.

  • HashtagHEEL

    “mostly successful changes to improve FIFA’s attacking AI.”

    I disagree, and especially because the two main areas I was looking forward to Attacking AI for doesn’t do it at all. Your attackers are supposed to see open space and think two steps ahead, yet everytime I go for a cross with one striker against one CB in the box, the striker tends to hide behind the player, instead of going insde and the open space at the near post. Every header I see in FIFA 13 is a result of two players going in 50/50 where one wins or bad marking. Talking about my player literally ignoring the striker, not the striker being so extremely good at positioning.

    The other thing, they were supposed to be able to run around players, instead of just to either side of them. Never have I played a FIFA so full of tragical collisions, players getting stuck behind eachother (or even the ref), defenders running into eachother giving them a clear space etc.

    Not Attacking AI, but still annoying is the inability to change a player. Especially with manual passing, the need to switch from the player CPU automatically gives you, to the player actually best suited for the ball is huge, and 8/10 times I can’t, and my attack gets ruined. What is the point of using manual when players on the pitch doesn’t notice the ball going towards them (CPU switched to the player after the ball is received) or when the ref blows for half time because the CPU doesn’t realise you just made a perfect pass alone with the goalie because it wasn’t on automatic, or when you put a picture perfect long ball to your left winger, only for the CPU to decide that you have to run 30 meters to pick it up with your striker instead. Even on no assistance in changing players, CPU picks a player for me and makes me unable to switch. They have to do a lot of improvements on player awareness, and please, make me able to decide what player I use.

    I want focus on cleaning up FIFA 13’s gameplay, as it’s way too random, THEN you revolutionize.

    • Toby Ross

      I think you only have to go back to FIFA 12 and play without sliders to see just how far the AI has come. There are good areas and bad areas, but it’s no longer a blatant weakpoint when it comes to gameplay, whereas frankly the defensive AI is.

      You’re right about off the ball collisions, but that’s only partially an AI issue. It’s also a lot to do with the impact engine. As opposed to brushing past eachother, they all too often just bluntly smack into eachother. Ideally, the game should be differentiating between a collision due to a tackle or jostling, and a collision where really the two players are just moving past eachother.

    • Brilliant: “they were supposed to be able to run around players, instead of just to either side of them. Never have I played a FIFA so full of tragical collisions”

  • HashtagHEEL

    Another thing, why am I locked to being slow if I’m tall as a Virtual Pro. The physical system just needs a more logical change.

  • When it comes to career mode I think that there are several things that can be improved.

    1) I think that having some short term goals from the board during certain points of the season along with having your main season objectives would help make each season more interesting. For example, you could receive one for the first six games of the season, during the Christmas period or even before a game against a league rival. This might not have to come in the form of an actual checklist of objectives that you might see in Be a Pro but just a message from the board that “This is what we would like you to achieve ….” and then a “we are pleased/disappointed” message when the period is over. Something like this may introduce new players to career mode that maybe wouldn’t have had the staying power to hold interest for several seasons.

    2) Several people have pointed out the flaws of the current loan system already but I do think this something that is important, relatively easy to fix and could be a really nice feature if it was done properly. Loaning out players is an important part of the process of growing youth players and it would be nice if they could be easily sent to a club where they will get games and improve.

    3) The longevity of career mode needs to be looked at in terms of the development of new and existing players. After 5+ season in career mode the new talent in the world drops off dramatically and we are left with a group of players either in decline or are not developing anymore. I am currently in my 8th season of career mode and the only players above 65 overall that are under 21 all either are at my club or are rejects from my youth team set-up. I know many players won’t play past 5 season and it may not be the most important aspect but it is called “career mode” and you should be able to sustain a reasonable career if you wish.

    4) I think the game could make it easier to find information and even inform us better as to information regarding the club. For example, I hate having to trawl into the calender to find out who I have drawn in the cup rather than a notification appearing to tell me or the Squad Report that you mention in the article that actually has useful and interesting statistics that is hidden away in a couple of sub menus. There are several other examples of this and I think it comes down to the issue of design.

    5) This last one is not terribly important and is a bit trivial but it just annoys me personally. I think the trophy celebrations in career mode are awful and underwhelming. Whenever I spend a season or more trying to win the league title or European Cup it always disappoints me when my only “reward” is to see a group of my players kind of lay about and wave their arms a bit beside the cup for about 5 seconds.

  • Aykut

    My biggest wish for FIFA 14 is to play with my favorite club FENERBAHCE ISTANBUL ♥ in their stadium Sükrü Saracoglu Stadi !!!!!!

    • A man after my own heart.

    • OMG they really need the Turkish League back, i know the match-fixing scandal from Yildrim played 100% in why the Super Lig wasn’t included in FIFA 12+13 but i’ve got a feeling EA cbf putting the Turkish leage in there, Fenerbahce need to be in FIFA 14!!!!!

      • Yes! I want Fenerbahce back. Really miss playing as them.

  • 1)There’s a lot that can be changed in the virtual pro career mode, the virtual pro’s stats increase when you complete the accomplishments only in the matches, that’s not completely true, they can increase their stats during training sessions too, like for example “stamina” you can increase it through training sessions not necessarily from matches. You can introduce a “Training mode” in virtual pro career mode for the virtual pro to work on his stats in which he’s weak. I had a situation with my virtual pro where in my virtual pro’s FK accuracy was 55 when i started for a team and I never got to take the free kicks with my team, as my virtual pro grew I went to better club and I never got a chance to take free kicks and never will because of the other player with better accuracy. The point is I want to improve certain aspects of my game I can go and work my ass off in the training ground. Just like real world

    2)And get an agent for the virtual pro…….

    3) And stop over-rating Barcelona and Messi- Every time I play a match against Barcelona ( with my virtual pro) I take the lead and they start playing like a “super computer” and equalize and then take the lead after some time and it’s frustrating at times because you just have to maintain your position with virtual pro and see your defenders getting beaten one by one and nothing you can do about it…. I take the lead against Barcelona in the 89th minute and 90th min Messi scores from long range that’s not how he plays

  • JPertijs

    What I’d like to see for career mode next fifa is the ability to sign free agents through the entire season.

    Also I totally agree on the tactics part: every club just plays the same way every match. It makes career mode go boring already when you’re around the January transfer window in season 1.

    And defensive AI is an obvious one: it needs to be upgraded ASAP, since now the way your defenders (try to) defend is absolutely laughable. Your defenders deliberately play the opponents attackers onside and so on. However, EA should make sure the defensive AI doesn’t get too overpowered like double contain and auto-tackling are now.

  • just one thing, i think addicting for face-captured players is not a bad thing. This make the game a LOT better, pls capture as many players face as you can..!

  • it would be awesome if i didn’t have to pay $$ to download teams onto FIFA, u guyz r like quadrillionairs and will probably get a few more sales if people know they’re getting this feature for free, if not i’m still happy with it, only $10 but atleast add in more crests, even be able to design your own and a lot more customisation items with it

    • You mean pay for the Creation Centre content?

  • I would also love that they put more atmosphere in the stadiums, It’s boring as hell to play.
    Also you never feel like you well deserve a goal like you do in pro evolution even when I play on legendary.

    And also they should more watch to other games, like nba 2k13. Their my player mode is so amazing with sining personal contract with companies, the upgrading system etc …

    And by the way, the physical system in fifa makes no sence. When the player is tall he can’t have any pace. Look at Ronaldo, Bale or even the fastest man on earth Usain Bolt who is 196 cm.

    They should put bigger leagues in it instead of those crappy leagues like the Irish one or Australian one that nobody ever plays.

    The game needs so many improvents, and I hope there won’t be too many glitches next year as there were tons of them in Fifa 13.

  • Totally agree with the aerial game part, i hate it when my CB gets beaten on a header by a certain 5’5” forward when i have Rio Ferdninand or Nemanja Vidic. And why dont the uniforms update when they change for MLS or Liga MX for us North Americans ? And no MLS stadiums ? And just 1 Liga MX ? But they have a Saudi stadium, i mean no disrespect towards them but why not make the teams and stadiums a little different according to the region.
    And why cant we mix and match kits like teams do in real life ?
    Oh and you hit the spot with the assisted passing.

  • Oh and how about trying to take back the Champions League license ?
    And maybe get the Copa Libertadores ? Where is the Primera de Argentina? How many times does anybody play with the Australian teams or the K-League teams ???

  • I would like to see a tweaking of the shooting for assisted players.

    At the moment there are too many “sweet spots” and not alot of user input is required when shooting other than a hint at the general direction you want to aim and hitting the shoot button.

    Anyone who plays manual shooting will know that it can be very difficult to score at times and it can frustrate the life out of you, especially when you come up against players online who hit the finesse (win) button and curl it into the top corner EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Id also like to see a “Swerve” control added into the game. At the moment, it seems like swerve passes and shots are completely controlled by the AI (exception on corners or freekicks). Whether this could come via a button press like(instead of?) the finesse button with a roll of the joypad after the shot or pass has been taken, or even without the button press like the old SWOS games used to have. I have read elsewhere that there is an aftertouch control in the game, however it seems to be completely unusable and I have never managed to get it to work.

  • disqus_OMsjlFcfrl

    please make the fans 3D and not 2D anymore, and make them do things
    real fans do!

    Like the EA NFL game, add a pre match fans entering stadiums and doing fans stuff!

    Get proper refree’s and not some fake names.

    Make injuries realistic!

    Add an indoor football game mode! that would be awesome

    please give the players proper facial expressions! current fifa, they happy, scored a goal, got sent off, they always have the same face! wheres the technology!

  • mfmaxpower

    This is a really good wishlist, and I completely, whole-heartedly agree with and endorse the top 3 especially.

    My only major addition/change would be to add Graphics/Visual update to the top four. I’m almost always all about gameplay, gameplay, gameplay, but we’re now at a point where FIFA is looking especially dated. From the player models to the over-saturated color palette used, FIFA is due a graphical overhaul. But I’m not too worried about this one – with the transition to next gens coming up, I’d imagine visuals will receive an update. Personally, I’m really hoping they choose to move in a direction of greater photo-realism.

    My only significant disagreement with this list would be regarding #6. Honestly, I think Assisted Passing is pretty fine as it is. Subtle tweaks would be nice, like a little more directional error, but as it’s intended as the easiest setting, I think it serves its purpose okay.

    That’s not to say that the control settings, especially for passing, don’t need work. They need a lot of work in fact. It’s just that I’d argue that it’s Manual and Semi settings that require overhauls, not Assisted.

    I’m somewhat ashamed to admit but with FIFA 13 I’ve used assisted settings more than I’ve ever used with since switching from PES (note that I only play single-player). One reason is simply because I think it evens the playing field against the AI on the higher difficulty levels (see below for more on that).

    More importantly though, I’m simply not a fan of what Manual and Semi passing have become. I use to be an all Manual player, but no more. With Manual, simple things, like short passing, are far too difficult when compared to other actions; what should be easy is difficult, whilst what should be more difficult is easier. As a result, I find that playing Manual can be just as unrealistic if not more unrealistic than playing Assisted. In addition, I find that there’s also a lot more variety when playing with Assisted, especially in terms of final third play and variety of goals scored.

    Meanwhile, Semi – which if done correctly I believe should be the default settings – has been pretty much ruined by Pro-Passing, one of the worst gameplay features to date. Semi right now is simply not an enjoyable nor realistic experience. First and foremost, less emphasis needs to be placed on the power of the pass, and more emphasis on directional error. This is especially important when playing against the AI on the higher diffuclty levels, when the speed of the game can be too quick for powering-up passes correctly.

    So personally, I would change your #6 to focus on Semi and Manual settings, not Assisted. Most games have the default settings in the middle range of difficulty settings; this should be the case with FIFA too. If done right, Semi ought to be the default.

    I would also add set-pieces to the list. IMO, EA dropped the ball with the recent updates to set-pieces, which I have to say I don’t think I’ve taken advantage of once. For me, the problem with taking set-pieces right now derives from the current process of striking the ball. I’d suggest implementing a system similar to what’s used for penalty taking, which better simulates the dual process of aiming where you want the ball to go, then actually striking the ball that occurs in real life.

    I would also add AI Difficulty Levels to the list. In fact, I think it ought to be a top-5 item as I’d argue that playing against the AI is somewhat broken at the moment. The goal of the different AI difficulty settings should be to better imitate the differences between human player qualities, whereas right now it appears that the major differences lie in physical attribute boosts. Players shouldn’t be faster, stronger, better passers, etc. depending on the difficulty settings, rather the focus should be on decision making and the speed at which those decisions are implemented – pass vs shoot; take another touch vs pass; pass back vs pass forward; skill move vs pass; etc.

    Finally, I would add a personal gripe of mine: the black silhouettes for players that don’t have a photo. There’s nothing that kills authenticity and immersion when you’re deep into your CM and most of your team (and young players in general) are represented by a black silhoutte. Many of us go out of our way to avoid using these “fake” players. It’s time a solution is found for this, especially now that we finally have a youth academy feature.

    Great list overall. The top 3 are by FAR the most important, though personally I wouldn’t put gameplay graphics/visuals far behind.

  • pomp

    Fifa 13 is great but need a few major improvements such as the graphics, you need to develop the graphics a bit so it looks distinct from the past 2 Fifa series (Fifa 12 and Fifa 13). something to help with changing the graphics are, the ball should look more realistic on the pitch, the grass especially, it doesn’t look realistic also the players faces players like Lucas Leiva, Ronaldo, Gerrard, Marcelo, etc. don’t actually look like themselves that much, also the kits should have every bit of detail, (the logos like Adidas and Nike shouldn’t look fake on the kit, also there should be slim-fit adjuster, adjust how tight you want the kit to be. also you could IMPROVE the game-play a bit.
    Add more classic boots/kits to EASFC CATALOGUE
    nike mercurial 1998 R9!!
    Liverpool Home Shirt 1995/96!!
    nike tiempo premier 94!!
    Also to have a more built physique option, so their pectorals, and muscles stand out more. like on hulk, Ronaldo and option for virtual pro’s
    also we should be able to use our ultimate team in kick off, also we should be able to use our virtual pros for ultimate team.
    also you should put Ghana in the game. and Brazil’s official kit.
    Much More promotion money when you go from championship to Premier League, much More money for winning Champions league and the league that your in. (career Mode)
    another thing we should have much more of a variety of free-kick styles that we can choose from. the average weight size should be a bit smaller because it is too exaggerated.
    we should have a monthly updates on boots, kits players, balls, etc so that they are all updated, like PES no offence. also we should be able to have the option of the size of Ankle Tape; Ronaldo’s type and more. The game should have the Nike, Adidas, under armour, umbro base-layers, and you should put in Nike field player and other Nike,UNDER ARMOR, PUMA AND Adidas gloves.
    when you are in the arena the player should be in the clubs training kit (training jacket, shorts white training socks and boots).
    Also on the game the football boots don’t look that real, the colour doesn’t even match the colour of the boots in real life for example the blue Nike vapors are too light blue when they should be turquoise if anything. and for the adizeros you should have both leather and synthetic versions. and you need to make the sole-plate of all boots MORE REALISTIC. please add Brazil’s real official kit as well 🙂
    in addition could you have more hairstyle especially Black people type haircuts (Drake type Afro, fades, level 1, level 2, level 3, etc.), maybe option for Shape up or No Shape up. furthermore, add more facial hair styles as well.
    also please dont make the kits look so baggy.
    please!! bring virtual pro back and player manager mode!!

  • Yup I said it

    My biggest wish and problem is that they should fix so that the Impact engine works with the refeere. Example. my defender is running towards the player who got the ball. another player from the other team comes in and punch him in his face (you know what i´m talking about) and the guy with the ball got a 1on1 with the keeper. Thats my biggest Rage on fifa and it happens way to often!

  • kevoschinito

    Great points! I totally agree on all and I do share the same thoughts as you. I think of Career Mode as an RPG genre of Fifa… it’s about the development of your team/players that will make users play it over and over again.

    Also, another poitn for CM, is an option to customize players physic. It is a gimmick, nonetheless, it’s an example on how can EA make users have a greater experience in the long journey of CM. It also adds to the logic that players, as they grow, their physic changes. It can easily be the boots, facial features, hairstyle, long or short sleeve kits, etc.

    Also, to add to your (3), I’d be great that AI teams also develop new tactics and formations, making us (users) figure out how to play against them.

    Career Mode should focus more on the journey and experience us (users) have to face every season. Every season should feel like a new beginning, getting rid of what’s not working and bringing in what could work, and bring us new challenges facing the other teams again with their revamp tactics/formations.

  • Here are my wishes for fifa 14 & i really hope fifa 14 producers read all the wishes these people want. In career mode they should have a ballon d’or handed out to the best player of that year, every year. Also they should have mexico’s 2nd division league in the game(for promotion and descending.), and they should also have more international cups for North & south america like copa libertadores & concacaf champions league. Fifa should put more leagues of the America’s in there(Argentinan, colombian league etc.) because there’s only 3 leagues there: Mexico’s 1st divsion, MLS & the brazilian league. It also seems that great players like Messi only scores 15 goals a season, while my CR7 scores 40+ goals a season, they have seriously got to fix this, i totally agree with Jon on all of his points. I really hope Fifa producers take a look at these suggestions.

  • oh i also agree with hugo martinez about getting the license for argentinan leagues etc. They should also let you have your own sponsors for your jerseys and let you design them. There should also be more atmosphere in the games like louder chants because it really does sound boring, oh and please make the commentators really scream out “GOAL” from the bottom of their lungs for atleast 10 seconds because sopmetimes it can be boring to hear them just say goal. Lastly they should let you put the price on the tickets & let that affect the attendance of the fans, if it isnt an important game, it should always be packed but if it’s a clasico between Madrid & Barca it should be fully packed. Hey David, can you please have the Fifa producers have another look at all these commments please? THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • FIX THE DEFENSIVE A.I! man marking needs severe implementation in fifa 13, the attacking A.I is miles smarter than the defensive A.I for those of us who like to play online and are generally good at defending, the absence of man marking hinders our style of play, as we’re constantly conceding goals through crosses even though are center-backs are in position.

    Which brings me to my next point the crossing needs to be fixed, with certain teams i.e Real Madrid, BVB, Barcelona, its way too easy to cross the ball and score (even with a short center forward) while with others i.e Chelsea, Man U, ect.. its damn near impossible, and the crossing is only effective once it’s been put on assisted anything short of that and the ball goes into the stands.

    Passing and shooting in this game needs a little bit of a tweek as well, in certain areas you can automatically score even with proper defensive coverage and in certain areas with the goal is clear as day you cant score (sup wit dat?) also it has happened too many times where I aim to pass to a player in space but instead my player passes else where.

    Another thing regarding game play, who is in charge of making the odd number fifa’s is he/she a Real Madrid fan? because in fifa 11 Real Madrid had Godly powers and again in Fifa 13, you can’t beat them unless you park the bus and counter attack all-day, sure its effective but its annoying. please fix that. I love fifa but it seems more like a popularity contest than a dynamic game at times, in the sense that Well known players that are good are amazing and not as well known players that are good are awful and UN-characteristic.

    As for graphics, some players (i.e Hazard, V.Moses ect..) faces are so far off its insulting lol. also needs to be fixed. and body types need to be more accurate, players that are heavily muscular in real-life are fat in the game. Take a team like Cameroon or Ivory Coast, in real life they have those tight jerseys where every-muscle ripples through there shirt, in the game they’re all fat. also the celebrations are just crap in fifa 13 make it more interactive (closer camera) or.. have the player chose the celebration they want and have a cut-scene of that celebration. also when a player is injured(which needs to happen more often) don’t have them walk off by themselves have them carried out by a stretcher. Also go back to the fifa 10 South Africa idea of animated coaches because those…what ever they are on the side lines now are just a waste of time…..Also fix the lines man and referee issue where they get in the way all the time…… other than that Fifa 13 was a great game and I can’t wait for Fifa 14

  • Zanda451

    There aren’t massive overhauls needed in this FIFA in my opinion, it is just small things which will make it so much more impressive. For example, in my wishlist I’d like to see-
    -Real Stadiums, and lots of them! (Possible unlockables from the EASFC Catalogue)
    -Have the created face of a player as his photo (Not some silhoutte with no meaning)
    -The crowd to act upon events (Big crowd in big games, small in small games, to celebrate massively when scoring, or be upset when losing. Also, on certain ground have certain events pre-match, such as the Galatasary devil and the Bor. Dortmund man with binoculars)
    -Players to be ALOT more individual, even in lower leagues (Not all have the same stats, and their actions should be different)
    -Players and managers to have certain personalites (Joey Barton agressive, Paolo di Canio to celebrate wildly and not be afraid to take players off early)
    -More realistic animations from players, so that there is a close-up of them being unhappy if they’re subbed off, or if they are agressive, they may have a touchline spat)
    -Some managers to have touchline spats with the fourth official, or the opposing manager, and to act angrily when decision given against his team.
    -On CM, be able to choose your sponsors from a huge selection (Catered to your team’s standard)
    -If a team is promoted/relegated, their shirt should have the new league’s crest on it.
    -Cup runs to be talked about more, and animated press conferences.
    These are not wholesale changes, and they aren’t massively difficult to implement in my view, but would make the game appear so much better!

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  • Carl Evans

    Please add WALES NATIONAL TEAM…..

    add more national teams Croatia, Bosnia a Herzegovina, Ukraine, Zambia, Canada, China, Japan, Iran, UAE, Iraq…

    Bering back Nou Camp

    Add more Leagues Blue Square Premier, Welsh Premier league , Northern Irish Premier league, all Scottish Leagues, Finish Premier League, Czech League, Turkish Premier League, Ukrainian league and Chinese Premier League…

  • Viktor Hjertenstein

    My big wish in FIFA 14 is to have “Superettan” (the division under “Allsvenskan”, the Swedish League). And maybe the Turkish League.

  • YOGI bizzel


  • ScottyGdog

    i think there should be realistic commentary spend your money on not just players but stadiums,and teams should offer players in deal when there interested in your players and there should be press conference and trainning sessions

  • Nyall

    fifa virtual pro needs to be adapted alot!! i feel that you should be aloud to live a footballers life on and off the pitch as it gets repitative if you stick with one team. you should be able to attened press conferences and you have wages that just sit there on the old ones! you should be able to spend them on new boots,houses cars and also dress your player in fashionable clothes when he is press conferences. Also you should be able to negiotate your own contarct terms and give your preferable shirt number. the commentary names need to have more of a varity. my name is nyall, same name as nile quin just spelt differently, now he was a famous footballer yet my name isnt on there!! yet names like ahmed are??

  • Pallett

    I play a lot of career mode, as do my friends and here are some things we’ve wished for:

    1) A change to the loaning system, such as loaning players more easily if they are off the list, adapting the length even more (1 month, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12 and so on) The ability to loan a player straight back to their previous owner for the remainder of the season and also post-transfer-window loaning, in case of emergencies.

    2) A more detailed youth academy, such as a league, coaches to hire, developing sessions as well as adding young players that are brought in to be added to the youth squad to get game time. (Also, if they could have faces I’d be left a happy man)

    3) More realistic scenarios such as commenting on transfer rumours, defending your decisions to buy/sell someone or playing a player suffering bad form as well as players issuing ‘come and get me’ statements and players asking to leave at differing times, not just every couple of seasons your best player with the highest overall gets upset about the weather and leaves

    We also feel it is far too easy to do well without taking true care over the team and issues faced, It is easy to bring in players with a player + cash deal and then simulate 6 months and come out on top, perhaps the team is worse when you sim or players morale drops as well as form, as a sort of punishment for being a lazy manager

  • ishan1606

    I always loves to play in Virtual Pro gives me a feel of a part of club. But sometimes it really frustrates on account of the accomplishments to cover. eg. you beat 10 players using dribbling your dribbling skills increases by 1 and when you 25 it skill increases by only 1 and when 125 still it increases by only 1. Loaning out new player and international team call was really a good concept. Also, the accomplishments are really made out of mind. Accomplishments remain same , no matter what type of player am I, either a defender or midfielder or forward or goalkeeper. Tell me one thing when a defender can hit 400 goals or when it can earn a golden boot. I play as a midfielder, then why i’ve given the accomplishments of goalkeeper or defender or forward. Also, when I’m substituted if I’m injured and unable to continue, then match is simulated but if I’m substituted because of tiredness then match does not simulates and I’ve to continue playing as a whole team. Also, as a player I cannot request for penalty or free kicks. that just a bit frustrating while leaves a big loop hole in fifa, way beyond the original game.

    • ishan1606

      Also, why i’m always loaned out to english clubs only

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