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Published on April 22nd, 2013 | by David Bryant


FIFA 14 Wishlist – So Far, So Good

A few months ago we posted our FIFA Insider FIFA 14 Wish List and the responses we got from you all in the comments were absolutely brilliant. But now that the first wave of official FIFA 14 information has surfaced, just how are these wishes shaping up?

Which ones have EA already granted, and which are still left to be answered? It’s been a pretty good start…

1) Locomotion Physics

Our number one wish for FIFA 14 was to see major improvements to player locomotion physics and EA have kind of delivered half of what we were after. There’s no revolutionary changes to general player bio-mechanics and there’s no referencing to foot planting but, and it’s a big but, EA are finally going to try and deal with the otherworldly responsiveness of sharp directional changes instigated by the user.

So in short, there are now much greater momentum penalties for turning sharply whilst sprinting with the ball in FIFA 14 which should result in a slower animation transition and the actual action itself, covering more yards on the pitch. It’s been a massive issue in FIFA for as may years as we can remember so it’s great that EA are finally tackling problems with locomotion, even if they haven’t quite gone the whole nine yards.

Status: It’s sort of in the game!

2) Defensive AI

It’s a similar story with defensive AI really in that there’s no mention of the way defenders behave individually, in pairs and as a wider defensive unit but there was an awful lot of the initial FIFA 14 reveal dedicated to another pet hate of ours from FIFA 13 – marking. On the surface it looks like EA have flipped the “Two Plays Ahead” system from last years Attacking Intelligence suite on it’s head, to help defenders make better assessments themselves when marking and tracking runs. Defenders will now work on multiple frames of data (rather than just one) and hopefully make a better calls to rid us all of lone strikers occupying acres of space in the penalty box.

There was also talk of better general intelligence which is hard to gauge at this stage but perhaps the most exciting change is that marking distances on the whole are now halved compared to FIFA 13, and that alone is a huge cause for celebration.

Status: It’s sort of in the game!

3) Team Management & Tactics

We’ve yet to officially see FIFA 14’s Team Management and Tactics setup as yet, but there was a massive hint at sweeping changes in a recent Career Mode screenshot which showed off the stunning looking new user interface. Assumption is of course the mother of all fuck ups, but surely there’s no way that FIFA 13’s Team Management interface could ever be included along side that? I’m right aren’t I? Am I, right?

Status: It might be in the game!

4) Player Individuality

There’s no mention what so ever of player individuality in the initial FIFA 14 reveal and some two years after Personality Plus promised to overhaul the uniqueness of FIFA’s all-star cast we’ve seen almost nothing since. Personality Plus was something EA should have built on year after year but yet again, it doesn’t seem to be part of EA’s focus at all. There’s been lots of news about face capture sessions with teams throughout Europe which is great, but unless these guys are going to play like the people they resemble, it’s purely artificial.

Status: It’s not in the game!

5) Stability

Improved Stability is a tough wish for EA to grant until the game is actually in our hands but even so, after the high-profile outages last year, you’d perhaps expect EA to offer some level of explanation or to indicate how they’re going to stop it happening for FIFA 14. It’s very unlikely we’ll get communications this controversial at the start of the FIFA 14 release cycle, but perhaps as we near Gamescom and the demo, EA may just begin to offer insight in to what they’ve done to make the game more stable.

Status: It might be in the game!

6) Assisted Passing

It’s promising that EA have focused on the fundamentals of FIFA so publicly this last week but the thorny issue of pass assistance has also missed top billing. It’s a real shame too because in a similar vein to Personality Plus, EA have also failed to build on Pro Passing which had the potential to change forever, the way we all play FIFA. Saying that, one of the most impressive change to FIFA 14 is going to come in the ball physics department, which should have a huge impact on the way we pass the ball this year. Increased spin, curved aerial through balls and changes to drag should all make for a more variable and perhaps better passing experience.

If EA made “Semi” passing the default option this could all be resolved, it’s really that simple.

Status: It’s sort of in the game, but not really!

7) FUT Security

Historically EA don’t mention Ultimate Team for at least another 3-4 months so it’s no surprise that it was absent from Wednesday’s reveal. EA did reveal some early information on Career Mode though, which is very out of line with previous years, so maybe, just maybe we’ll get our first information on FUT and improvements to security soon.

Status: It might be in the game!

8) Career Mode User Interface

If you’ll excuse me for one second… YEEEESSSSSS! EA have indeed revamped Career Mode for FIFA 14 and the new user interface looks fantastic! There’s now a much simpler layout taking inspiration from the tiles used in FUT last year, and there’s even been a major hint at a new team management system. This wish went on the list as a hope rather than an expectation but EA have thankfully pulled out all the stops to make this happen.

There’s a brand new Global Scouting Network too which will promote searching for the type of player you want, rather than sticking in 80+ pace and buying the fastest Brazilian the database finds for you. Career Mode hype and expectation levels are now through the roof.

Status: It’s in the game!

9) Aerial Challenges

No specific reference to aerial challenges in the reveal but the new Protect the Ball system should allow for more even aerial challenges now that you can back in to defenders and shield more effectively. EA have acknowledged in the past that the resolution of this problem represents a fairly big technical hurdle and we’ll have to hope that Protect the Ball combined with more variable ball physics softens this issue to a more palatable level for FIFA 14.

Status: It’s sort of in the game!

10) Clubs Customisation

Ahh Clubs, the black sheep of the FIFA family. It’s was never going to be apart of FIFA 14’s initial fanfare and last year it was barely part of proceedings at all. Ultimate Team and FIFA Seasons have quite clearly trumped Clubs in terms of priority for EA and we’ll just have to hope that they’ve managed to get customisation in this year. EA did say they were looking at it but ran out of time for FIFA 13, so there is still hope. When or if we’ll even hear about Clubs, I just don’t know.

Status: It’s not in the game yet!


Even though we only have one fully implemented wish from our list, it’s promising that our top 3 have all received some kind of attention even if EA haven’t done everything we desired. Even if most of these wishes are only half way there right now, it’s heartening to know that the communities priorities are matching with EA’s on some level. I’d also stress that it’s still very, very early in the release cycle so there’s still plenty of surprises for EA to unveil and even more of our wishes could move to “in the game” proper over the next few months.

All things considered a very good start looking solely at our wishes and when the next major wave of information drops and after we’ve played FIFA 14 we’ll revisit this Wish List once again. Good start.

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Is the Senior Editor of FIFAInsider.com and a devout Manchester United fan. Likes Career Mode, constructive criticism, Jack Daniels and Robin Van Persie. Dislikes assisted passing, conspiracy theories and people who don't like Robin Van Persie.

  • once again:let us to build up or improve a stadium at least for a formation in Career Mode!and improve atmosphere around games in Career Mode ..
    anyway,guys you have a good influence .. regarding new features for FIFA14!

  • Player

    The quote ballon in the header pic should have said “I wish I had a human being body proportions.”

    Player models continue to be horrible!

    • Dave_FIFAInsider

      Yeah raised that in my PES 2013 editorial a few weeks ago. Ibra is a bit of a unit but hes still athletic in body shape (as are all pros) so yeah you’re right, player models are still way too bulky.

  • disqus_AEeNLzaTpQ

    Good day to you, mister Bryant! It is indeed very pleasing to see that most of our desires for Fifa 14 will be addressed, even if only partially. However, I am also very interested in the actual content of the game; which leagues are to be included, what are the teams that will be listed in the “Rest of the World” section, and of special interest to me, what national teams will make it into the game. If you could find out more information concerning these components of the game, please do tell! It would certainly brighten up my day a little! My regards, C.M.B.

  • pompeyFCplayer

    With regard to ‘Assisted Passing’ – please can you do all you can (by
    using your contacts within EA) to highlight that making “Semi” passing the
    default option (especially for online gamemodes) would help make Fifa such a
    better, more enjoyable rewarding experience! Thanks.

    • Dave_FIFAInsider

      If EA made Semi passing default most critics would lap it up as “revolutionary” passing tech. Sad, but true.

      • pompeyFCplayer

        Thanks for the reply Dave.

        That definitely sounds like a win-win situation then!

        In all seriousness though I know what you mean – most of my mates who play Fifa aren’t even aware about the different ‘assistance’ settings. They simply play the game on the default out of the box settings and to be honest they don’t really care and just enjoy playing Fifa.

        I often play Fifa on my lunch break, as we are lucky enough to have a PS3 at work and 6 of us usually play local multiplayer.

        I therefore did a little test and changed all their controls to both semi shooting and passing and they didn’t notice any difference to their detriment. Not one of them complained that the game felt harder or more
        difficult and they simply carried on playing, enjoying themselves as per normal.

        On the flip side – if you are an above average (less ‘casual’) Fifa player – using assisted controls actually gives you an advantage (over a semi
        and especially manual player) and this is why with the current control scheme/mechanics it would make sense to make passing and shooting semi assisted by default. This would at least help close the ‘advantage’ gap between the 3 current assistance options. I know this is in fact actually a compromise and fundamentally the control scheme probably needs rethinking in order to apply a better overall solution.

        The sad thing is that the people who are aware of the 3 assistance options – are consciously choosing to play fully assisted, as they have a ‘win at all costs’ mentally and know it gives them an advantage.

        As a result other people feel ‘forced’ to also play fully assisted – simply because they want to be on a level pegging with their opponent. Ultimately you end up playing a compromised less enjoyable
        game of Fifa. A simple change really could make a massive difference.

        At least for now this would help alleviated a lot of the frustrations when playing online and from my experience the ‘casual’ Fifa player really wouldn’t notice or even be aware of much of a change by making semi the default option for passing and shooting.

        I really don’t see this being a risk for EA by alienating their mass ‘casual’ market.

        What are you thoughts?

        I’m probably labouring the point – but please can you pass on the feedback to your contacts within EA for me (yourself and many others)!?

  • mfmaxpower

    Hmm, gotta say this article seems rather premature. I also gotta say that I think you’re stretching quite a bit on some of these.

    Locomotion physics? Considering what we’ve been after – for years – is an improvement in the fundamentals, it’s a bit of a bad joke really that you say “it’s sort of in the game” when EA are only tweaking player sprinting. Not to mention we don’t know whether their “Sprint Dribble Turns” feature will cause even more issues. IMO, what we’ve been asking for in terms of player movement physics, according to what we know now, IS NOT IN THE GAME.

    Aerial Challenges? I don’t think what they’re doing with Protect the Ball has anything to do with what most of us considered to be the issues with aerial challenges. This one’s an even bigger stretch than locomotion physics.

    By my count the only ones EA have addressed from your list is Defensive AI, Career Mode Interface, and Team Management and Tactics, although regarding the last one, all that we can infer right now is a new Team Management interface, but whether it’ll actually provide more depth to the game, or improved tactics, we don’t know yet.

    Add to the above that no mention has been made of next gen editions or upgraded graphics – which I know isn’t on your top 10 list but I think gameplay graphics is on most people’s wishlists, including mine – and I think it’s easy to understand why the FIFA 14 reveal has received such a tepid response.

    Personally, if EA had announced what they did, plus next gen versions with better graphics, I’d be feeling pretty pleased. Hopefully it’s just a matter of time…

  • Like the change of kit each club has,the goalkeeper should also have a change of kit.Also I wanna the choice of which end to kick off first,just like the 1st edition of FIFA.For example,Liverpool normally attack the Kop in the 2nd half.This is something I know a lot of fans would welcome.Also I would like to see a legends edtion of Fifa.Like there was in Fifa 2000,but only the best sides that ever played.

  • nickzenonos

    I am worried about the movement now. If attacking players are punished by momentum physics but defenders are not, then combined with contain and dodgy first touch, it’s going to make dribbling a nightmare and pretty much impossible.

    • Dave_FIFAInsider

      One of the things Toby asked on the Insidercast was if these momentum changes impacted players off the ball too. We’ll try and get some confirmation from EA if we can.

  • David Monzon

    I have a small wishlist which I didn’t write down on the wishlist post. But here it goes anyway. Some small changes but I believe are necessary.

    1. Ball biunces and juggles: In the latest of FIFA titles the ball tends to only take small bounces and stays close to the ground. In real life you see balls elevating higher in the air after having landed on the ground. Also when a player collects a pass coming to him ith a certain amount of speed the ball should juggle in front of him after having made some kind of friction with his foot. Finally, I have noticed that balls in Fifa tend to remain in areas where the ball is being played around and the never seem to make long bounces into distant areas from where say the ball was challenged by two or more players but it never got under any players control but instead itook a look bounce off of them. In real life you see balls taking long bounces and traveling longer distances after having made contact with objects on the pitch. In FIFA the ball tends not to bounce high enough or far enough into othdr areas of the pitch. And in Fifa it also tends to look for a certain ‘recipient’ thats not how it is in football. It is far more adventourous than that.

    2. I fear that EA will due away with the knock on feature. I think that would be a big mistake. Football is all about knocking the ball on and about chasing aftdr it. Dribbling in football is also about giving the ball a certain effect like making it roll in a certain way and knowing how to navigate around it. I dont wanna play a football sim where all you have to do to dribbble is push the analogue stick up, then down etc. EA should not only keep the knock on feature but also refine it. There should be various forms of ‘knock ons’ like one could be softer, another could give the ball a different spin or a different bounce. Then you would have to chase the ball. Dribbling is about treating the ball a certain way and knowing how and when to chase it.

    3. Aerial challenges: Players should clash more in the air. There should be more physicality involved when two or more players go up to challenge a ball in the air. For example, if a player jumps really high and towards the other player, he should end up leaning over the other players shoulder and make cause him to lose his balance in the air. Also head injuries dje to aerial challenges would be welcomed imo.

    4. Contact shooting and passing: It would be nice to have a system where the

  • Carl Evans

    Will Wales National Team will be included in Fifa 14

  • David Monzon

    Sorry, I didn’t finish my list…

    4. Contact passing and shooting: I would like to see a system for passing and shooting that revolves around timing your passing and shooting sequences. I would imagine this would work similar to tackling in that you have to be in certain proximity to execute the action right. In recent FIFAS you can press pass or shoot at anytime and the pass or shot would then be ‘programed’ and then executed as soon as your player got close to the ball. This system would require more timing and positioning.

    5. Crowd Reactions: FIFA seems to struggle with this aspect of the game and I believe it should be a priority. I think that there needs to be that ‘holding their breath’ factor in the crowd. For example, someone from the home team takes a shot that has a chance of going in. Just after that player strikes the ball, the crowd hold its breath so they go silent as the ball heads towards goal. Then the sudden reaction depending on whether the ball went in the net or got parried etc. So if the ball went in and it was a goal the crowd cries YAAAAHH!!! (a bit like the cry of a baby) If the ball got saved then UUUUHHH or AAWWW etc.. Also they need to add when the supporters applaud in appreciation of a good play, whether it may be a good attempt on goal, a great save or a very good sliding tackle or challenge. The crowd would start clapping their hands in aporeciation. They got to add that. So in short: Shot, crowd holds it’s breath then crowd reaction to result, if a good save or good shot attempt; clap clap clap…

    6. Celebrations: When it’s a crucial goal the goal scorer should immediately raise his hands up or to his sides and run toward the corner flag and fans. This should be performed automatically by the CPU. As soon as the ball hits the back of the net the player runs with his arms outstreched without any hesitation. Crowd reaction should be outrageous, crowd goes senseless. Also, EA should make the screen vibrate when a crucial goal is scored, especially around the crowd. For penalty shot, the supporters in the background should already be on their feet and supporting their hands on the commercial boards. They should be seen very concentrated on the ball, in a motionless excitement. Then they go insane when the ball gits the back of the net. Also, more security etc. around and looking cautious and nervous.

    Thats it for now. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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  • mfmaxpower

    Read it and weep. The following excerpt is taken from this article on the next Madden : [URL=”http://mymaddenpad.com/2013/04/24/run-free-with-madden-nfl-25-all-new-precision-modifier/”]http://mymaddenpad.com/2013/04/24/run-free-with-madden-nfl-25-all-new-precision-modifier/[/URL]

    So NHL got an upgrade to player movement physics last year, Madden is getting it this year, and yet FIFA, the biggest sports game on the planet, again goes without.

    What’s the deal with the FIFA devs? Clearly their EA counterparts at Madden and NHL get the importance of player movement physics, but though the FIFA community has been vocal in their desire for proper movement, the FIFA devs do nothing.

    If this was about FIFA, it’d be music to my ears:

    [quote]There are five major areas of focus that EA SPORTS paid close attention to when it came to the run game.


    Let’s talk about the improvements of locomotion first. One of the most glaring issues with previous Madden NFL versions in regards to locomotion was the ability to swerve and lack of footplanting with runners. Some of the running in Madden was just unrealistic and just impossible to do in real life and should be impossible to do in the game with proper footplanting. I know you’ve seen it, we are running down the sideline and with a defender coming we swerve, zig zag, and swoop around our defender without even planting a correct foot. Our Game Changer group; especially with the additions of some guys from the SIM Standard (Azure, SimFB, and Smitty), really made sure that EA knew the community wanted to get away from this type of legacy issue and pointed to 2K doing it right. There is no reason why a game like 2K had correct footplanting in their game years ago and it wasn’t in Madden 7 years later. So EA took a hard look at NFL2K and implemented their own version of footplanting mechanics that I think was done nicely. Now when I played the game back in February, there were still a very small amount of sliding, but it was also very early in the build. EA just had to bite the bullet on this one and get it done and I think the Sim Standard guys are pretty happy about what EA has accomplished. Make sure you check out their impressions, videos, and articles as well from their time with the game. Madden NFL 25 now has authentic hard cuts at 45, 90, 135, and 180 degree angles to eliminate the swerve, the zig zag, and the unrealistic running.


  • the major issue in fifa 12 and 13 is that they focus only on stadiums design not on the pitch dimensions . therefore a 1 st division team has the some pitch as the camp nou which is the biggest and larger pitch.they should change pitch dimensions and also players sizes and proportions

  • Christian

    i would say that one thing all fifa players want are licenses for champions league and euro league for club teams and fifa world cup and uefa euro for national teams.

  • JoeDirt

    Virtual pro should have agents. Tell the agent you want more money, you want to leave the club, you want to go to specific teams and have feedback from the agent, scouts are watching so u need to impress..stuff like that. That would be great!

  • fifa14

    what about when starting a career mode testing for clubs and try to impress through training so i could join the team

  • i just want fut single matches back, its all i ask

  • Furkan


  • Halari Abdulkarim Akbar

    my wish in fifa 14 is about the trophy celebrations in career mode. cant you make it more realistic with the guard of honor like a match before. how about a special treatment for retiring players.

    we would love to see awards to player of the season, golden boot,manager of the season these screen shots make the game more realistic.

    and if possible lets have a real experience with managers on the touch line being visible issuing out commands like wen u pause you can issue out notes to players and in the in game play we see the player summoned by the manager to take notes most prefferebly the captain. we would love to see real managers like wenger and the rest., and the provision to allow managers being red carded and banned from the touch line for some time. this should be even in the on-going game where we can see the manager being led out of the technical bench.

    lastly the captain swapping the arm band or sending it to the assistant in case he is substituted. thanx

  • Hart

    1) World Cup
    2) You know how you choose the kits for the players, we should be able to do that for the goalkeepers. Choosing Home, Away and the Alternative kits for BOTH the players and the goalkeepers. Do it as it is but with the goalkeepers standing next to a player from their team .
    3) Champions League and Europa league.
    4) Goal line technology.
    5) Better graphics.

  • Vova

    May you add some more national teams?

    • Semir Dacic

      like Balkan Regions

  • Yohanes Nugroho

    New kit with new season in Carrer mode

  • Yohanes Nugroho

    please include Indonesian National Team and Better Graphics

  • Andrew

    all i want is more teams ,thats all i ask

  • PS4 fifa 14

    have so when a game starts in dusk it ends in night or a clear day could change to rain or overcast. And also when it snows it settles on the ground so a green pitch at kick-off would be almost completely white out by full time. And in career mode if your team is doing shyte the stadium is half empty. Oh and flares in the stands and confetti on the pitch.

  • bradye99

    they should make it where we can bring our fut 13 team to fifa 14. that way our time and money doesn’t go to waste

  • tyler

    japan shakthar fenerbache should all be in fifa u can take out india i sure not even indians use that team

    • Saa3


  • RShimada

    Should have Japanese Squad

  • Gatsby tui-teka Gray

    In career mode we should be able to sack our assistants and fine our players. There should be press conferences and when a team wants to buy your player he could add one of his players to the transfer. more realistic transfers, More accurate news flashes for example in fifa 13 when i buy gotze for 45 mil + cleverley the news flash says i bought gotze for 55 mil. One really annoying thing is as soon as a player turns 30 their rating drops very quickly, If a player that turns 30 and they have good physical attributes they should not decrease. Also to make it more interesting and exciting we shouldn’t be able to buy top players that easy. training in career mode.
    better scouting, Able to scout players that are known for example bruma.
    Better trophy celebrations, fa cup winners walk up stairs to collect their trophy.

  • Nikola1996

    WE want Croatia back !
    Also more national teams and more european domestic leagues like ukranian,czech,turkish,greek,croatian,cyprian,polish etc.

  • Ghanaboii

    Please put Ghana on Fifa. I was appalled to see India on it and not my national team. In the past, i’ve bought PES just so I can play with Ghana…do you know how much money you’ve caused me to waste lol

  • The Doctor

    Wales National Team please.

    When you’ve got a national team as bad as India in the game, you have no excuse not to put Wales in the game (especially when the Scotland and Northern Ireland national teams, who are both worse than Wales’ national team, are in the game).

    Oh and I should point out that it would be a bit embarrassing to include Gareth Bale on the cover without his national team in the game.

  • Nedim Husomanovic

    Bosnian and Croatian national team,also turkish,greek,polish league.

  • Isa Muhammad

    MAY you please add more national teams like Nigeria

  • Michael Faraday


  • Aleeeeeks

    Serbia at national team !!! plsssss

  • stamateviore

    You must insert more european leagues, and more national teams, to say the least, there still are some leagues missing in the game or at least some importatnt clubs from smaller leagues, i can’t say i am very happy about the intrdoduction of only 2 new leagues, there should be more, or like i said at least a few teams from smaller leagues, you still act like you forgot about the teams from Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, etc which have quite competitive teams. I want to see improvements not just a few lies or a few changes, just to make people buy the new game, i want to see like you really do care about your customers opinion, Otherwise i will simply stop buying this game, which by the way i keep buiyng since 2007, and year by year i hoped for real improvements and year by year i was rather dissapointed!!

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