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Published on April 25th, 2013 | by Tom Mills


FIWC Breaking Records. Again.

Towards the end of December last year we learnt that this years FIWC had a whopping 1.6 Million people registered. Fast Forward four months and there’s now 2.5 Million. Considering it’s a PS3 only tournament that’s kind of incredible…

Since winning the Guiness world record for largest online tournament in 2010 the FIWC has continued to grow year on year so the figures aren’t entirely surprising, but what is surprising about this announcement is that FIFA surveyed some of the FIWC players to back it up and the data published alongside it is fucking bonkers. Or marketing spin. Or both of those things.

Here’s a sample:

The most recent survey of FIWC players has revealed that 71% would be happy if the team they supported in real life appointed a FIWC player as manager meaning that Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson could soon be joined by an unknown quantity in Europe’s elite band of coaches.

Sorry, what? 71%? SEVENTY ONE PER CENT would have a FIWC player as manager of their club?

It has also been discovered that 78% of those who play the game are sure it has boosted their tactical knowledge, with those questioned stating that the option to play across the world’s top leagues allowed them to experience different team styles and league tempos which broadened their knowledge of how to build successful sides.

That explains the Real Madrid vs Real Madrid final in 2012 then… There are some more gems of that ilk in the announcement, so be sure to check it out.

If the FIWC is of interest to you, don’t miss Toby’s critique of competetive FIFA. The grand final will be held in Madrid in just a few weeks (6-8th May) and will be streamed on the FIFATV YouTube channel. If it’s not a Madrid vs Madrid final, I’ll eat a hat.

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