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Published on February 14th, 2013 | by Tom Mills


How To: Download Creation Centre Content In FIFA 13

Creation Centre is the closest you can get to high end customisation of FIFA (unless you’re playing on PC), so chances are you’ll want to take a look at it. Before you go any further, you need to be sure you’ve followed the steps here. You almost certainly have, but check anyway.

Now, log into Creation Centre and you’ll be given the option to create teams, players or tournaments:

  • Teams – Can be used in exhibition, career mode, unranked head to head and created tournaments. Downloaded teams can be found under the Creation Centre entry when searching through the country menu.
  • Players – Can be assigned to any club by going to Edit teams within the Customise FIFA menu. Go to Change Squads/Rosters>Club Transfers. Navigate to Free Agents and you’ll see a list of your downloaded players. Highlight the player you want to assign and then select which club to send them to.
  • Tournaments – Can be used from either the Career mode menu (If created as a league only tournament) or from the Tournaments section of the Game Modes menu. Navigate to Creation Centre when searching by country and you’ll see your downloaded tournaments.

If editing isn’t your thing or your looking for something specific, you can use the search options on the right to find other peoples creations, and click on this icon to bookmark them for downloading yourself, You’ll also need to bookmark your own creations before you can download them:

Creation Centre How To 3

Once everything you want has been bookmarked, head to the “Customise FIFA” part of the main menu, then go to “Creation Centre”. You’ll see all of the content you bookmarked. Use LT and RT to shift between teams, players and tournaments, and use A (Xbox 360) or X (PS3) to download a particular item.

To use a downloaded team in EAS Match Day, you need to have Matchday turned off. To do this, press Y or Triangle at the team select screen. You will then find Creation Centre as a Nation within the team select menu.

Creation Centre How To 4

Here’s a video of the whole process.


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  • Guest

    How do you upload Club Badges/Sponsers etc of the correct size in the creation centre,is there a website you can use??

  • Jacob

    I bookmarked several teams and tournaments online at the EAS creation center website but for some reason when I signed in to the creation center on my PS3 I only found the tournaments that I have bookmarked and none of the teams. Any suggestions?

  • Arda

    Guys ı bookmarked the teams ı wanted and now on my ps3 ı cant see any of the teams players or the tournaments plese help and ı cant view my original level too

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