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New FIFA 14 Career Mode Screen

It’s only one screen so perhaps not worth the fanfare of a new post but given that this could be the revamp of Team Management we’ve all been waiting for, indulge me.

The EA SPORTS FIFA Twitter account just seconds ago posted the new CM screen along with some info we already knew regarding the new Global Scout Network.

I’ll let you guys speculate, dissect this one in the comments.


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  • Saf

    It looks bloody sexy, its making me so excited, a whole revamp for career mode could be exactly the thing it needs to pump new life into it. I stopped playing career mode from this year cos i just was so bored of it but i love the idea of it and i love football manager so much.

    It seems like the guys at Ea were trawling through fsb cos everything seems to be pulled out of what you guys asked for 😛

    • Dave_FIFAInsider

      Important to note as well that apart from the new scouting EA have said nothing about any new features for CM in FIFA 14 so there’s still loads to come I’m sure. Could be a vintage year for offline FIFA what with AI improvements to gameplay reasonably prominent too.

  • mfmaxpower

    Well this is really great news but we’ll have to wait and see whether it’s as functional, practical, etc. as it is pretty.

  • JMB_94

    What’s this? A team management interface that doesn’t look outdated, clunky, laggy and a pain in the ass to navigate through? It’s early days but cork open the champagne Dave!

    • Dave_FIFAInsider

      I’ll pop the champagne is on ice for now, as Max said below, until we get to experience the functional aspects of this new UI it’s all still a bit up in the air.

      Mind you, it looks bloody lovely.

      • JMB_94

        Of course, sorry about the knee-jerk reaction but I’m with you on the whole team management issue. I don’t think they’ve touched it this entire generation…except the inclusion of custom tactics in FIFA 09, i think.

        For a game that prides itself as a football simulation I’m constantly baffled by the lack of emphasis on tactics, combined with numerous AI bugs that can be exploited with specific formations.

        • Dave_FIFAInsider

          Im excited as well 🙂 I threatened last year to not play FIFA again if they didn’t revamp Team Management… I didn’t stick to it.

  • atmosphere surrounding the match like in PES would be nice .. more dynamic interactions between players,coaches,fans ..let the build up a stadion,improve teams with practice .. ’cause gameplay sound good!

  • ant0n

    It certainly looks nice. Let’s hope the gameplay receives the proper improvements as well.

  • Dave_FIFAInsider

    If EA have gone through all this effort with redesigning CM there’s no way that the same Team Management system for FIFA 13 can be in this game. It’s just too stark a difference for EA to have not changed it at the same time.

    The inability to tweak player positioning quickly during a match to alter tactics depending on match situation is one of the most glaring misses for FIFA this gen and I blummin hope this year brings an end to it.

    If the same work has gone in to Team Management, Custom Tactics and Gameplay Sliders, I’ll be a pig in shit.

    • mfmaxpower

      Yeah, I hope I’m not setting myself up to be disappointed later but it’s hard to imagine that this doesn’t indicate an overhaul to the entire Team Management system.

      If a new system is what we’re getting, I’m kinda surprised it wasn’t announced in the big reveal with the other features because honestly, it could be one of the most impactful upgrades of them all.

      • Dave_FIFAInsider

        Very true, and this is what worries me. Why not announce it if they’re showing screens like this already? Unless of course EA have something else planned for it…

    • goalski

      We can only hope!

  • David Monzon

    Wow, really love this look. I really hope it will be as fuctional as it is visually pleasing. I have a feeling there’s more new stuff in CM that EA are withholding for now. But as far as looks, I’m very pleased so far.

  • David Monzon

    I must say I’m really loving the look of this. Now let’s hope it can be as functional as it is visually brilliant.

  • goalski

    Hell, that is one sexy looking skeleton… At the end of the day though, that’s all it is. The most feature free, shallow, toothless career mode out of all the AAA sports titles. I am sure the next gen versions will be amazing though….

  • Poo96

    i just want Career mode online. You and your friend/s each pick a team and you can do a career mode exactly like you can offline. If you want a player but they play for your friends team your friend can accept/decline it, not the Cpu. There are so many possibilities… You might have to beat your friend in the last game of the season to qualify for europe, or win the league. Maybe you chose a championship team and you and your friend are in the playoff final against each other. Also you shouldnt have to choose the same league, then you could end up against a friend in the champions league as well. The other possibility is player career. You and your friend could be battling it out at different clubs or you could be teammates at the same club. This type of mode would make fifa come alive again.

  • Louis Koliomihos

    Yay…. lets hope the don’t have the same glitches. Countless times i had 2 games on 1 day .. Fix it please fifa!

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