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Sunday, July 1

VR technology has been out for quite some time. VR gives a totally different gaming experience where the players are given the chance to play in the first person. So far, the technology has yet to be released in FIFA, and there are loads of rumours of how, if, and when VR may be available as a possibility in FIFA. As of today, the VR headset from PlayStation has been doing great sales-wise and has been getting a good response from the community.

According to “ccs insight”, the sales of VR is expected to take off, and reach 21 million sold headsets by the year 2020. If these calculations are accurate, VR to FIFA 19 could actually be more likely than we first thought, as well as the fact that PlayStation themselves has a headset of their own VR headset. With 21 million owners of VR technology by 2020, not implementing it in FIFA would be strange, and we can, therefore, most likely expect VR to FIFA in a couple of years.

When it comes to how the VR system is to be implemented in FIFA, some people have managed to program some examples. These examples show how the players are able to choose the surroundings for themselves, as well as the size of the “screen”. This does not in any way exclude the rumours of a first-person perspective in FIFA, but as of today, that kind of player experience seems a little farfetched. VR to FIFA would mean a new dimension, especially to the journey, just imagine walking in the halls of huge stadiums, having meetings with the coach and talking with teammates. VR to FIFA gives loads of opportunities to the experience of the game. There is no doubt that the first person technology will be available on FIFA in the future, but for the FIFA 19 game, you will most likely not be able to play football first person from the comfort of your own home.

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