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Sunday, July 8

As we all should know by now, there is a high chance Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Real Madrid for the delight of Juventus. This change will not just be a huge change in terms of football itself, but the change will also undoubtedly make a difference in terms of the upcoming FIFA 19.

For FIFA 19 we most certainly already know who the cover star is going to be, Cristiano Ronaldo himself. If he chooses to play for Juventus the upcoming season it will make EA change the cover of the game, which they either do by changing the cover star, maybe switching to Neymar, or by simply changing the jersey of Ronaldo to Juventus. This is a slight change, but a noticeable one.

Secondly, and more importantly, a change of clubs for Ronaldo will affect how the journey of FIFA 19 is going to look, and be like. For now, we have been following Alex Hunter and his development and career. And for this seasons “The Journey” we meet Alex Hunter joining Real Madrid trying to win the Champions League. Also, he is planned to be playing and training alongside Ronaldo. However, what is EA going to do if Ronaldo switches club? Will Alex Hunter join him on the way to Juventus, or maybe even take Ronaldo’s role?

There is no doubt that we have an exciting time waiting with the FIFA 19. This change will make EA be creative, and hopefully, the outcome is going to be both stunning and surprising. This also shows how great of an impact the best players in the world have on what we can expect from the FIFA franchise. Nevertheless, it is still most likely going to be exciting to see Ronaldo playing for Juventus, and maybe Alex Hunter alongside him?

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