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Monday, July 9

Forever, fans, players, and basically everyone that cares about football have once in a while either got extremely mad, or extremely happy when a referee makes a foul decision. For the world cup of 2018, FIFA has found a way to avoid and lower foul decisions with the intention of making the game fairer. The solution; “VAR” Video assistant referee, a system which during a tricky situation the referee can see the situation one more time, which is mostly used in fateful situations like a penalty.

So far, the “VAR” system has been working quite well, you cannot really complain about something as straightforward as a video. However, is this really something they should consider adding into FIFA 19?

To be fair, the point of adding a video assistant referee in FIFA 19 would be far from functional. In a game, it is the computer that is making the decision, and there should not be any room for foul decisions. However, we all know that the referees in FIFA sometimes are doing some ridiculous mistakes. Therefore, maybe “VAR” can be used in FIFA 19 as a “try again” function where you can complain about an obvious foul incident. That way it will become more realistic.

Even though this function may not seem that necessary to add it’s making the game even more realistic, and if they use it in real games, then it would be odd for a game trying to make the experience as realistic as possible to leave it out. However, “VAR” is quite new as a concept in real games, and it hasn’t been used for a long period of time. Therefore, it seems more natural for EA to wait another year before adding it, to make the experience as smooth as possible.

To conclude, the addition of “VAR” in FIFA 19 seems a little farfetched because the concept is so new. At the same time, “VAR” is a significant change for football, and would be a game-changing factor for EA because it changes the way we play.

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